All my bags are packed… I’m ready to goooo (8)

Cuz I’m leaaaaving on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again.. JJ

lol I’ve always wanted to say that… I’m actually at the airport in Chicago waiting for my connecting flight to Tokyo. (1 flight down… only about 9 more to go before I’m back home!) I’m excited to see Tokyo, I’ve always wanted to go. Also a little bit nervous because I hear not too many people speak English and their subway system is a bit more complicated than back home in Toronto…

Toronto subway map:

Tokyo subway map:

hahaha… Hopefully they have some signs in English and  it’s not too difficult to figure out. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

When I booked my hotel, most reviews I read said the location was in a pretty safe area… so I just “google mapped” walking directions from the subway to my hotel and I’m a little surprised at what just came up:

Apparently I’m staying in the Nazi occupied area of Tokyo???
(Or maybe it just means there’s a few temples around lol hmmmm)

I’m not really looking forward to the 13 hour flight I have coming up… They better show some good movies… and in English! I’m at the gate now and I’m surrounded by Japanese people…. OH wait!! Another white person walked by! Lol. Wonder what the meal is going to be…  sushi? They sell “deep dish Chicago style” pizza in the airport here… I’m gonna go check it out!

I’ll try and write again when I touchdown in Tokyo!

For now enjoy this song that’s in my head now:

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2 Responses to All my bags are packed… I’m ready to goooo (8)

  1. Cuz I’m leavingggg on a jet pack… LOL 😉 I bet you were singing in the JPJ voice weren’t ya? Haha. Keep the blogs coming, they’re fun to read! xo

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